Agricole rum from french Guiana

The agricultural rum Toucan is produced in French Guiana, not far from the  equator line, in the east part of the South-American continent.

A very dense virgin forest has been growing for centuries on this ancient land whose emblem is the beautiful toucan, and of which many places have not yet been explored by men.


It is on the edge of this forest that our sugar cane fields are growing and getting their richness and particular flavour. This pure sugar cane juice is then delicately fermented and distilled.

Thus suffused with the spirit to this florid nature which makes the Toucan Rum, a powerful beverage full of luxuriant equatorial flavours that will delight you every time you taste it, that it will immediately give you a taste of these great wild open spaces.


~ Powerful aromas ~

Noze: Fresh cane, citrus fruits.

Mouse: round, smooth & balanced.

Finish: exotic fruit richness, tonic final note.



~ Intense flavour ~


Infusion of grand cru vanilla from Madagascar

Buttery, powerful bouquet & aromatic structure.


 ~ Oak armagnacais ~ 


Noze: fresh and strong, cream of milk.

Mouse: vanilla, biscuit, fresh dates.

Finish: flexible, ample, long and pleasantly thirst-quenching


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Spirit of the Wild

...or the Spirit of the Forest

This blazing emerald forest will reveal its riches, its intoxicating landscapes and its multicoloured fauna and flora to those who are determined to discover the spirit of a wild world.

It is an endless, mysterious, and grand forest, it is a thick continuous mantle winding in between rivers, up and down the steepest relief. Everything that is grown in French Guiana is vibrating in unison with this vegetal realm.


ti-punch  Toucan

The Toucan Ti-punch - a most traditional drink

  • a dash of sugar cane syrup

  • two nips of Toucan white rum

  • a slice of crushed lime that you leave in the glass.


The Ti-punch is the best cocktail for partying with friends. Famous for its numerous socializing vertus, it will reconcile ennemies, cheer up the weak and perk up the shy.

Mojito Toucan


  • put a few mint leaves in the glass

  • add sugar and  natural lime juice

  • press carefully with a pestle to get the mint's essence without crushing it.

  • add the rum, 4 ice-cubes, then mix everything together.

  • add  sparkling water to the brim.

  • mix gently with a straw 


Your Mojito is now ready.

With a strong flavour, slightly sugary, slightly sour, this elegant and cosmopolitan cocktail is nowadays a classic and one of the most famous rum cocktails. Toucan Rum will make it unique.

Roun Ti-Fé

Roun Ti-fé - or what people from French Guiana call '' a small fire''  in Creole.

It is a glass of dry rum, that you drink in one gulp to '' warm your body up'' , and just after that you have to swallow a mouthful of fresh water. This is how Guianese connoisseurs traditionally drink rum.

People drink rum everywhere in French Guiana. They drink it as far as the little stalls hidden in the middle of the Guianese bush and it is always a real celebration, an authentic moment of getting together around the Guianese culture and tradition.