ti-punch  Toucan

The Toucan Ti-punch - a most traditional drink

  • a dash of sugar cane syrup

  • two nips of Toucan white rum

  • a slice of crushed lime that you leave in the glass.


The Ti-punch is the best cocktail for partying with friends. Famous for its numerous socializing vertus, it will reconcile ennemies, cheer up the weak and perk up the shy.

Mojito Toucan


  • put a few mint leaves in the glass

  • add sugar and  natural lime juice

  • press carefully with a pestle to get the mint's essence without crushing it.

  • add the rum, 4 ice-cubes, then mix everything together.

  • add  sparkling water to the brim.

  • mix gently with a straw 


Your Mojito is now ready.

With a strong flavour, slightly sugary, slightly sour, this elegant and cosmopolitan cocktail is nowadays a classic and one of the most famous rum cocktails. Toucan Rum will make it unique.

Roun Ti-Fé

Roun Ti-fé - or what people from French Guiana call '' a small fire''  in Creole.

It is a glass of dry rum, that you drink in one gulp to '' warm your body up'' , and just after that you have to swallow a mouthful of fresh water. This is how Guianese connoisseurs traditionally drink rum.

People drink rum everywhere in French Guiana. They drink it as far as the little stalls hidden in the middle of the Guianese bush and it is always a real celebration, an authentic moment of getting together around the Guianese culture and tradition.