St. Maurice

The making of the Toucan Rum is a centuries-old expertise,  preserved by the rum distillery of Saint Maurice. It is the only distillery located  in French Guiana, and it is also the closest one to the equator.

The different kinds of rums made there have received numerous prizes, among which we can mention the 2012 « prix d'excellence du concours général agricole » of Paris. This distinction is rewarding the maintenance of a very high-quality rum for many years. It is a well-deserved reward for Mr. Ernest PREVOT's work and his respect of the rum-making tradition -Mr Prevot is the distillery's owner.

The exploitation is situated only a few yards from the great Maroni river, a place with a particularly favourable soil as it is sunbathed, light,sandy and deep, and draining at least 2.5 meters of rain water each year.


The Making

The equatorial climate of French Guiana is ideal for the growing of sugar canes. It is warm, humid and sunny. The cane selected for the production of the Toucan Rum is saccharum Officinarum, a« noble » sugar cane variety, characterised by its sweetness, its high rate of fibres and its vigorous and resistant stems.

The cutting of the cane is still done by hand- a technique which ensures  that  the stems are selected  at the end of the vegetal cycle, when the richness of the sugar cane is at its highest.

The cutter is using a heavy and sharp machete and his work is divided into three main steps: the cutting of the lower part which contains the sugar, the cutting of the stem's top or « white bit » and the thinning out of the leaves. After that, the cane is carried to the distillery to be processed less than 36 hours after having been cut.

It is the pure juice of this sugar cane, called the « vesou » that gives the rum its refined and delicate bouquet and which guarantees its quality.Then comes the preparation of the must, the « composition », the fermentation, the distillation and the ripening. 


The fermentation is the most delicate stage. The temperature has to be closely controlled, and the use of selected yeasts allows an active fermentation. This expertise is the guarantee of the rum's aromatic expression that will give the Toucan beverage its authenticity.

Then comes the distillation which is the most important stage in the making of the rum : it is actually the extraction of the spirit, this supreme and very unique nectar.

The ripening is the necessary stage to obtain a Toucan rum of the highest quality. It is a process that magnifies the qualities inherited from the previous stages. After a 6-month ripening and a long mixing, the volatile elements are eliminated.


Adjusted to 50 degrees then bottled, the rum Toucan is ready to offer you a pure moment of delightful happiness.