Spirit of the Wild

...or the flavour of a wild world.

With Toucan Rum you will be the discoverer of this virgin and absolutely wild nature, of this magical sanctuary. Few places on earth are as intoxicating and adventurous as the Amazonian Forest. With Toucan rum, you are invited to enter a mystical land and its sounds, its scents and  mellow flavours contribute to create the Amazonian quintessence. 

Spirit of the Wild


... or the Toucan's song.


The toucan is the emblem of French Guiana. The bird lives in community most of the year , perched on the highest branches of the dominating trees.


The toucan is known for its song, very communicative. It can be heard from a distance of more than one  kilometre, and it is a signal for gathering as well as one of the most characteristic songs of the South American tropical forest.